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Explosion Proof Hoist

Materials handling in petrochemical, liquefied natural gas, mining and other special industries is often conducted in the area where explosive gas and dust are spread everywhere. Therefore, explosion proof hoist is a must. Taking into account that both electrical and non-electrical components and parts of the electric hoist can cause an explosion during its hoisting, we carry out rigorous control in design and manufacture of the hoist, reaching an excellent explosion proof performance that can meet the standard GB3836.1-83.

Working Range
Lifting Capacity: 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t
Lifting Height: 6m, 9m, 12m, 18m, 24m, 30m

Features of the Explosion Proof Hoist
1. Wheel

All wheels of this overhead lifting system are designed with anti-explosion structure that ensures constructional safety. Brass wheel is available if you require high travel speed.

2. Rope Guide/ Chain Guide
Wear resistant rope guide in nodular graphite casting is extremely durable and not subject to temperature limit.

3. Equipotential Bonding
When installing cranes in explosive areas, equipotential bonding is quite necessary to avoid incendive spark caused by static electricity.

4. Cable Entry
Our explosion proof hoist is designed with indirect cable entry that has very high safety level from type of protection increased safety and flameproof enclosure.

5. Motor
Motors of the wire rope hoist are made of grey cast iron. The type of protection combines flameproof enclosure, increased safety and housing protection. The motors are manufactured in IP 66.

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