Material handling solutions for the individual needs: industrial crane, shipyard crane, port crane, container handling crane, workstation crane

Henan Zhonggong Group Co., Ltd. is known around the world for our design, manufacturing, sales and services in the EOT crane industry. Our hoisting machinery is strong and durable, and is used worldwide as shipyard crane, workstation crane, overhead crane for coal mining, crane for railway industry, wharf crane for container handling, etc. Our quality material handling equipment and solutions are trusted by customers everywhere, and covers an extensive product line, including single girder and double girder bridge crane and gantry crane, level luffing crane, jib crane, explosion proof crane, electric hoists and more construction cranes. Each crane system is designed to meet the most demanding customer needs for load capacities, lifting heights and lifting spans. As an internationally leading industrial crane manufacturer and service provider, we have been widely recognized and honored among thousands of Chinese, Japanese Zambian, Pakistani, Mongolian, and Vietnamese and other customers.

    1. European Standard Bridge Crane

      Our bridge cranes that reach M8 class and have low noise are suitable for use in factories, freight yards, wharfs, power plants, construction sites, etc.

    1. Double Girder Bridge Crane, European Standard

      Is widely used in large scale machining workshops, warehouses and other industrial environment for heavy load lifting and handling applications.

    1. Bridge Crane, Double Girder

      It comes in 9 load capacities including 5-10t, 16/3.2-50/10t, 75/20-100/20t, 100/32t, 125/30-250/50t, 350/75t, 400/80t and 600/150t, and 10.5-31.5 and 13-31m span range.

    1. Gantry Crane, Single Girder

      This goliath crane is available in 5 lifting capacities including 5t, 10t, 16t, 20t and 32t, and comes with the maximum span up to 35m and the max lifting height reaching 12m.

    1. Electric Hoist, CD/MD Model

      It is light duty lifting equipment, providing suitability for various cranes including bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane, etc. Is widely used in factories, stores and many other worksites.

    1. Electric Flat Wagon

      The rail wagon has become the preferred equipment to frequently transport heavy load in a short and fixed distance inside workshops or from one workshop to another.

  • Technology
  • R&D Part of our R&D employees specialize in product development and upgrade.

    Quality ControlProduct quality is closely related to customer's benefit and our also market development.

    ManufacturingZhonggong prides itself in powerful strength on crane and hoist manufacturing.

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  • Service
  • 1. One-Year Warranty
    We promise 1-year quality warranty for all of our material handling cranes, electric and manual hoists which are used in strict accordance with our operation instruction.

    2. Parts Supply
    We have abundant spare parts in stock for our overhead traveling cranes. Within warranty, if the parts of your hoisting equipment are broken under normal use, we can offer replacement parts for free. If they are damaged by man-made reasons, we offer new parts at cost.